Pensare Films is heading strong into 2017 with 5 films (Hallway, Nights of Contrition, Better than Garbage, Tangerine Crossandra, and Delayed Arrival) on their respective festival circuits with domestic and international submissions spanning the globe. Check for our films at your local film festivals in 2017, and stay tuned to us via social media by following us on Facebook for updates about future projects.  



In 2017, Pensare Films will be undertaking it's most ambitious project yet, with the double-take feature film Natalie. Roles are still open for several key roles, and we're actively seeking production partners to help us bring this gritty urban tale to the silver screen. Message us for details if you're interested in auditioning or coming on as a collaborator. 

Natalie (working title) is an urban feature film which is to be shot in a single night using two cameras. The script takes us through a real-time whirlwind that unfolds one winter night when a gruesome murder and a bag full of unmarked bills leads a prostitute, her best friend Yulia, and her boyfriend Brandon down a rabbit hole.

Armed with a glock 7 and against the clock, the three of them must find a way to get to the U.S border and cross before the morning sun rises, bringing with it the inevitable consequences of murder and betrayal. Natalie is as much a modern crime thriller as it is a neo-noir genre piece. A non-stop tension packed film that'll have audiences gasping for air when the credits roll. ‚Äč

Jessica Isabel            

Pensare Films has wrapped casting for our upcoming short film, Allurement. After watching some of the best actors in Toronto deliver gripping performances, we've finalized our selection to 3; Jessica Isabel as Misha, Andrew Rosentsveig as Dillon, and Mitchell Brhelle as Aidan.  We'd like to thank everyone who self-taped, auditioned live or applied. It was as tough a decision as we've ever had to make.  

The film follows three central characters; Dillon, Misha and Aidan. Set in 1987, in Northern Alberta, Allurement is a tale about greed and ethics. It's a suspenseful script full of sharp twists and a rising sense of urgency and tension, featuring deep and complex characters who challenge the audience to find their own moral compass. Tired of the passive female protagonist who only serves the purpose of serving the male protagonist's agenda? You'll love Misha. 



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Andrew Rosentsveig 

Mitchell Brhelle