CASTING NOTICE: Auditions are Saturday October 7th, 2017 (1pm to 5pm) and Sunday, October 8th, 2017 (2pm-5pm)


ISABELLE (English/French)
Isabelle: early 20's - open ethnicity
Thomas: 45 to 55 - Open ethnicity

Daniela (Voiceover Role only)
Alex: (Voiceover Role only)

FRANKY- (English, Some Italian/Spanish)
Franky- Ideally someone Italian or Hispanic- mid to late 20s. 
Al- Franky's best friend- early to mid 20s.. Preferably Italian or Hispanic. 
A homeless man; a few lines- preferably mid-40s to early 60s- any ethnicity. 
Koba (Nickname)- Preferably Hispanic OR Italian- 40-55. 

CIARA (English/Some Russian/Serbian/Bulgarian)
Ciara: mid-20s - any ethnicity
Brandon- late-20s- any ethnicity
Marcus, Vlad and Tomi- 3 preferably eastern Eurpean men between 25-40. 

RADHA (Hindi/Urdu and English)
Radha; 18- mid 20s- south Asian
Sumit- 45-60- South Asian
Vicky (Vikram) - early 20s- South Asian
Rekha - mid 40s, South Asian

SYNOPSIS: Move Over Birdman. Pensare Films' daring feature film 'The Intersection', despite the 4 night shoot, will stitch together as if the film were shot in a single take without any discernible cuts. The story tracks 4 characters; Isabelle, Frankie, Ciara & Radha, as they each deal with their own coming of age challenges on this cold winter night. Intersection is tied together by a single theme; a life or death decision. 

The last frame of Isabelle's story becomes the first frame of Frankie's. The last frame of Frankie's becomes the first of Ciara's. Each intersection is named after it's main character. 

ISABELLE: Isabelle and her stepfather, Thomas, leave the hospital after the sudden death of her mother. Upon returning home, as Thomas' stories begin to contradict themselves, Isabelle suspects there's more to the evening than Thomas is letting on. Isabelle makes a crucial discovery about the events leading up to her mother's death. It's up to her now. Will she get even? Or will she get out? 

FRANKY: Franky's loyal to his friends. But Al's more than a friend. He's practically family. So when Al tells Franky they're gonna go hurt somebody, he goes along without asking too many questions. The discovery that Al's got a gun and is planning on using it will however cause Franky to second guess just how loyal he's willing to be. There's no reason to kill someone. Right? But Al's got vengeance on his mind, and a damn good reason which might just tempt Franky to change his mind. 

CIARA: Ciara's tired of her boyfriend Brandon's jealousy. One night, as Brandon gets into a fight trying to "protect" her, she sends him home in a cab. As she returns to the bar, the 3 men who Brandon instigated a fight with have some pretty disturbing plans for her. They track her down on her walk home and pull her into an alleyway. Brandon's actions put Ciara into the most dangerous situation imaginable. But don't count her out, even outnumbered 3 to 1, and in 4 inch heels, Ciara knows how to hold her own. 

RADHA: Sumit is an ultra-conservative hard-liner, and his son (Radha's brother) Vikram is a nastier version of him. When the pair discover leaked photos of Radha's relationship with her boyfriend Matt online, they berate her and give her an ultimatum; leave the house, or break off the relationship immediately. She'll make a decision tonight. All Radha ever wanted was to be happy.  

TEAM: The project will be shot by seasoned cinematographer Iljo Kotornechev who has worked on projects like I killed my Mother, Penny and, The Date. It will be scored by composer Andjelika Javorina ( Tangerine Crossandra, Nights of Contrition, Allurement) and is written by Robert Misovic (Nights of Contrition, Penny, Allurement)

The same 6 core people will be behind each story- and thus, even having different directors will not create a disjointed feel. 

To Apply for a role: (ideally, please provide a resume and a demo reel and also indicate which role you're applying for)

Each project is a 3-4 rehearsals (90 minutes each) commitment and 1 night (8hours maximum + overtime) shoot. All projects to be shot on different nights.