The Hallway Pensare Films

The Hallway | 14 min | short |

Damir (Miljevic) a grocery store clerk and photographer lives his life carefully secluded. He observes life from a distance, and lives his own life vicariously through the lives of others. He will often listen in on Mrs. Jackson, the widow in apartment 910, who listens only to one record by Debussy, but only to drown out the noise of her gentle sobbing. Mr. Khalif, a 50 something year old man in 914 is visited by a twenty year old girl every so often when his wife is out of town. Maya, a palm reader in 917 is actually an escort.


Damir, however, is most interested in his neighbor in 907, Elise (Marelic) and her turbulent and sometimes violent relationship with her boyfriend Clarke (Yates). Through the paper thin walls and 60 year old wooden doors between them, Damir often finds himself tightrope walking the line between curious and unethical. A chance encounter in the stairwell finally closes the distance between Damir and Elise, as he's sucked into her world. Elise is a wild spirit, unafraid to speak her mind, always yelling at someone or something. As the two get closer, Damir learns of a softer side behind the rough exterior. But as he gets closer to Elise, he starts to see that he's set himself on a collision course with Clarke. Damir is a nice guy. But even he knows he isn't cut out for a fight.

Director Robert Misovic 

Starring Mirko Miljevic Anita Marelic

Allan Yates
Music Andjelika Javorina 

Cinematography Francesco Bori