natalie | feature | robert misovic
When her boyfriend comes under fire for murder, a 25 year old prostitute must risk it all in a final night on the job. They need a lot of cash before the sun comes up. Starting a new life isn't cheap. 

Sins of Omission | Feature | Robert Misovic 

The film follows 2 brothers, Dillon and Michael, set on a collision course with a psychotic serial killer. Love kills. 

penny | short | Robert Misovic 
Louise and Penny are opposites; he's an 18 year old from the Bronx, and she's a 30 something year old mother of 3 on the verge of a mental breakdown on the worst night of her life. A chance encounter and an innocent misunderstanding will thrust them on a collision course that will change their lives forever. 

The Red Book | Feature | Robert Misovic 
Michael finds his mother's diary, detailing an affair she had with a married man which eventually led to his parents' divorce. While his original intent was to seek out the man, he finds the man's wife instead. Cue the seduction. 

In this suspense thriller, Misha and Aidan find a wounded stranger in the secluded northern Albertan wilderness. When the stranger's stories stop adding up, Misha begins to piece together why he looks so familiar. 

88 Keys | Feature | Robert Misovic 
When a 13-year old piano prodigy takes her own life, her parents are left pointing fingers at each other. Little do they know that there's a third hand at play here. 

Vixia Herbeira | Feature | Robert Misovic 
Alejandro, a struggling painter, becomes infatuated with an older American woman when she walks into his cafe. He pulls apart his life to meet her standards, but is taken off guard when he comes home to find that she's vanished without a trace. He'll go to end of the world to find out why she left.  

Alz-meers | short | Alisa Severina 
A young girl and her grandfather go for an adventure in the city to find her missing grand mother. 

Juanita | short | Robert Misovic 
A young boy, 3 days removed from running away from home, has a chance encounter with a middle aged prostitute who sets him on the right path. 15 years later, they meet again. 

Abandoned | short | Robert Misovic 
A construction worker, struggling to make ends meet offers a room to a strange woman he meets on the street. She doesn't recognize him, but he knows exactly who she is.