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Andjelika has performed with the Canadian Idols and scored 3 films; 'Tangerine Crossandra', 'Nights of Contrition' and 'The Hallway'. She has performed for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, for the Chinese Consulate and Serbian Consul General in Toronto.  

Past projects include ASCAP's Composing for Film and TV Workshop in New York, Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute, and Casalmaggiore International Festival. She has worked on string arrangements for parts of Chloe Charles' Album "Break the Balance" and designed the sound for Rebecca Yakimowski's contemporary dance production, "The Sweet Raw" which premiered in the Distillery District in 2012.

Andjelika is a member of SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada) and ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association). She is Music Director at Granite Club, where she also holds a private teaching studio. 

Andjelika Javorina (center) and Robert Misovic (right) discuss Nights of Contrition at Pensare Films' private cast & crew screening night with Francesco Bori (left).  

Andjelika Javorina overseeing auditions for Allurement. 


Pensare Films was founded on August 4th, 2015, in Toronto, Canada by University of Toronto graduates Robert Misovic and Andjelika Javorina. The mission is simple. Make great Indie films. 

​Pensare. It took nearly a year to come to that name, but what is a name that doesn't fit the intent of the artists who represent it. Pensare. To think. 

Inspired largely by the work of visionary rebels like Stanley Kubrick and François Truffaut, Pensare films is founded on the United Artists philosophy of artist-first-filmmaking. 

Stanley often said that he felt immense pressure to make each film great, because that's what the world expected of a Stanley Kubrick film. In reality, that's what Stanley not only expected, but rather demanded of himself. 

Pensare films is devoted to story. We put writers above everything, and are fully committed to becoming a studio that produces the types of films that will stay with audiences for the rest of their lives. 

Andjelika Javorina & Robert Misovic at ICFF 2017 for Tangerine Crossandra

Andjelika Javorina Francesco Bori and Robert Misovic at Pensare Films Year 1 Private Showcase
Andjelika Javorina

Robert Misovic (November, 26, 1987) is a Toronto-based film director, producer, and screenwriter. Robert studied statistics and philosophy at the University of Toronto, and graduated in 2011.

Misovic broke into hedge fund investing in 2008 following the death of his mother. While business and investing proved to be lucrative endeavors, he turned his focus back to his true passions; film and writing. Using what he'd made from his brief stint in the world of high finance, Misovic launched Pensare Films in August, 2015.

Through Pensare Films, he has written and produced four short films, and written two feature scripts. Pensare Films announced in September, 2016 that it would be launching a program to help Toronto-based writers produce their short scripts, using the studios' skills, experience, and financial resources.