The Revenant Leo DiCaprio

In this video tribute to the Revenant, Andjelka Javorina's Nights of Contrition score is set to the beautiful cinematography of Alejandro Inarritu's The Revenant, shot by the master director of photography, Emmanuel Lubezki.

Tom Hardy stars opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the Revenant

The Revenant Meets Andjelika Javorina's Nights of Contrition Score

The Revenant was a tour de force in terms of it's breathtaking visuals, and it certainly was a masterclass in the efforts sometimes undertaken to produce a high level Hollywood blockbuster. 

Take a journey into the world of Leonardo DiCaprio's Hugh Glass, as he battles harsh weather, a bear, and a worthy adversary played by the uber talented Tom Hardy. 

Tom Hardy Revenant

The Camera's uncomfortably Close at All Times. 

Beauty & the Revenant

Robert Misovic | July 28, 2016