Allurement | 15 min | short | 


​​Starring  Jessica Isabel, Mitchell Brhelle & Andrew Rosentsveig
Director   Robert Misovic
Asst. Director Alisa Severina 
Make Up   Ashley Dawn Szabadi
Trish E. Young

Camera Assts. Christopher Gusnoski, Geoff Taylor, Kara Hinds 

Sound Design  Alejandro Garcia
Sound Recordist   Spencer Seibert  
Music  Andjelika Javorina 
Wardrobe  Chris Jai Centeno 

Set Photography Paula Brathwaite 

Producers Andjelika Javorina, Robert Misovic, Alisa Severina, Anastasia Buterina, Alejandro Garcia, Andrew Rosentsveig

Alberta, 1989-Violence and mayhem ensue in the Albertan wilderness; two backpackers stumble upon a wounded man who bares a striking resemblance to one of two men wanted for a bank robbery in a nearby town. With the loot potentially buried nearby, and no one to hear his cries, how far are two seemingly average people willing to go for $150,000?